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Are you likely to get Diabetes?

August 28, 2022 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

Whether it’s type 1 or type 2, we all know that diabetes mellitus is a serious ailment with devastating consequences in the heart, eyes, kidneys, limbs, and other organs of our body.

But how would you know if you or any other member of your family is at risk for getting diabetes? Endocrinologist Dr. Gertrude Santos, a member of the Obesity and Nutrition Task Force of the Philippine Chapter of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE–PC) reveals several factors, including “family history of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, overweight or obese state, sedentary lifestyle, previously identified impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose, hypertension, increased levels of triglycerides, low concentrations of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol or both, history of gestational diabetes, history of an infant with a birth weight of greater than 8 lbs, polycystic ovarian syndrome and even psychiatric illness.”

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