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Camp Out with Camp Cope

September 14, 2021 Category :Healthy News 0

Driven by the aspiration to help young type 1 diabetics, Diabetes Center of the Philippines sent Mr. Jun Halili and Dr. Roberto Mirasol to Joslin Camp in the United States to learn how to map a general plan in organizing a diabetes camp for kids. The fruits of their labor paid off generously with the founding of Camp Cope, a summer camp specially designed for young type 1 diabetics. And now for the eleventh year in a row, Camp Cope will open its doors again to thrilled young diabetic campers who will learn about diabetes and have lots of fun at the same time.

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Diabetes Awareness for Kids

February 22, 2021 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

The unprecedented prevalence of diabetes has alarmed world health organizations to conduct intensive campaign among kinds or the future generation about diabetes. In the Philippines, many organizations exist to help increase diabetes awareness among children. Topping the list is the Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation, which put up a Diabetes Clinic to meet the growing needs of educating a diabetic client. Apart from establishing a comprehensive diabetes education program in the Philippines, this foundation also instituted the CAMP COPE (Children Overcoming Diabetes Problems Everywhere). This camp provides a training program designed for diabetic children to allow them to learn how to live independently in spite of their disease. The camp not only provides adventurous camping vacation for insulin dependent diabetes but allows them to learn and experience to manage their disease independently. It also allows them to mingle with other children with diabetes to build their self-esteem and improve and social lives.

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