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Billiards and Diabetes

June 25, 2021 Category :Fitness| Healthy News 0

If diabetes is billiards, Rudy Lipata, 54, would win the game over and over again. Rudy, a billiards aficionado has had type 2 diabetes for 14 years now. Billiards for him has been a form of exercise that he says helps him control his diabetes. As in billiards, where players use their skill in “placing” – either hitting the ball so that it’s in the right place for their next move or making their opponents miss the ball for their turn, Rudy thinks of regular exercise as a “placing” method when it comes to diabetes. » Continue Reading

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The Leading Man: Attorney Felipe Gozon

December 30, 2018 Category :People and Places 0

The tenets of billiards require an appreciation of the bigger picture and having the foresight to know when to make a ball or strike a setup shot. Attorney Felipe Gozon has these skills, on and off the table – they’re what make him a winner and mainstay in the broadcasting industry.

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