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Going Bananas

February 5, 2023 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

Instead of frying saba like the typical Banana Q or Turon versions, try this healthy baked version that adds something different with more flavors and crunch to it

Yield: 10 servings

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Healthy Food Options

March 7, 2022 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

Here’s a list of delicious and healthier options to satisfy your comfort food cravings:

Grilled Banana w/ yoghurt: Place a peeled banana on a piece of foil. Sprinkle some vanilla essence and a teaspoon of granulated fructose. Grill for five minutes and serve with yoghurt. Add freshly crushed cardamom seeds before grilling, if you like. This fruit sugar has a much lower GI than sugar. The warmth of the spices and vanilla, with the slow-release energy from the bananas, makes a comforting snack of pudding for only 150 calories. » Continue Reading

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Peachie Smoothies

October 25, 2021 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

What makes a smoothie different from a shake? Shakes have ice blended in whereas smoothies are all chilled healthy ingredients. Kickstart your day with this hefty and healthy drink that is filling down to the last drop. Use other fruits in season but remember to chill them all first for a great cold start.

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Heart-friendly Aphrodisiacs

July 13, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research 1

The quest for aphrodisiacs has perpetually been the obsession of man. For thousands of years, certain foods were considered to have elements that stimulate sexual craving and enhance sexual performance. Coined after Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, aphrodisiacs have been the focus of many ancient writings, particularly in Rome, China, Egypt and India. » Continue Reading

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Banana Pineapple Hawaiian

June 11, 2021 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

Makes 2 servings


  • Pineapple juice (unsweetened) 1 1/2 cups
  • Skim milk powder 1/2 cup
  • Banana 1 piece
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (sugar free) 1/2 cup

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