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Dialysis Linked to Foot Ulcers

December 16, 2018 Category :Diabetes Research 1

Having constant dialysis treatment usually requires dishing out huge amounts of cash. In fact, it’s so financially taxing that it may even literally cost you a leg someday.

According to a recent report, dialysis treatment have been independently linked to foot ulcerations, a skin ulcer that can lead to foot amputation if unchecked, in patients with diabetes and advanced stage IV or V chronic kidney disease.

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Road to Curvature

October 24, 2012 Category :Fitness 0

A “coca-cola body” is what most women want to have. Those wide hips and well-defined curves are said to be the defining characteristics sought after by women on a regular basis. While there are those who don’t have to worry because they were graced with good genetics, particularly having wide hips, a large portion of the female population is on the problematic side of traversing the road to curvature.

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