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Treatment for Insulin Lumps

January 23, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Lipohypertrophy or Insulin is tough skin bumps or swellings in the skin areas where insulin is often injected by a patient. This occurs because insulin causes fat cells to increase in size, which causes the lump. This especially occurs in bell buttons where diabetic patients usually inject or infuse insulin. Aside from their unpleasant appearance, insulin lumps affect glucose control because the skin with insulin lumps or lipohypertrophy decreases the absorption of insulin in these areas. Hence, one may find that one’s glucose control is not what you expect it to be. Moreover, the more damaged the area i.e. the greater the lump, the more likely it is that glucose control will be affected to the extent that damaged nerve endings makes one numb when injecting insulin.

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Ortiga Pills for Diabetics?

June 20, 2020 Category :Diabetes Research 2

Ortiga Pills refers is a pill or dietary supplement that is recently gaining popularity for its effectiveness in curing arthritis. Many users have reported very positive results in the pill’s ability to stop inflammation, swelling and the pain related to arthritis in as fast as less than 12 hours. The pill is currently available in Mexico and the bottle label says dietary supplement. A brand for Ortiga Pill is Charlote Arthritis which is made by Grupo Charlote de Mexico in Rio Azul El Salto Jalsco Mexico. Another is made by Centro Botanico Santiago from Baja, Mexico.

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