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Getting out of harm’s way

June 5, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research| Healthy News 1

Part 3 of Aging Gracefully with Diabetes

Aging starts from the womb and ends in the tomb,” says Dr. delaVega. She relates that most of the time, what they see in the geriatrics clinic are already complicated cases of diabetes.”We need to nurture even healthy mothers, healthy pregnancies so that the child that comes out from the womb is healthy and leads a healthy life all throughout his life, towards adulthood and later as an older person.” Weight control, diet, exercise and positive outlook are factors that appear to be beneficial for both diabetes and aging. As always, making some basic lifestyle changes can help the elderly manage the disease and reduce the risk for further complications. » Continue Reading

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Aging Gracefully With Diabetes

June 3, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research| Healthy News 2

Growing old is inevitable, but the road to aging can’t be that bad if we would only work towards facing old age with grace and living healthy in the process. The terms “healthy aging” and “aging gracefully” have slowly crept into our vocabularies in recent years to embrace the positive aspects of aging.”We always look at health in terms of holistic health – in body, mind and spirit. So healthy aging encompasses not just what is physical health but also psychospiritual and social dimensions of health, including having a good quality of life:’ says Dr. ShelleyAnn delaVega, a geriatric physician and president of the Philippine Society of Geriatric Medicine. » Continue Reading

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Delay Aging with Good Nutrition

September 25, 2019 Category :Health Watch 0

Aging is a complex process that accelerates as growth wanes, and continues relentlessly throughout life. While√ā¬†progressive changes in physiological function, body composition, sensory perception, and functional status may occur at any age, the rate of change is strongly influenced by the individual’s genetic background and life experiences.

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