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Taebo and diabetes

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Tae Bo which combines tae kwon do and boxing is a body work out developed by Billy Blanks in the 1990s which become popular because it is an excellent cardiovascular workout and for toning the body which was palatable to body conscious young generation and health conscious aging population.

For diabetics, Taebo is one exercise or physical activity that one can engage in regularly at the comfort and safety of your home and without expensive costs. As a physical activity, Tae Bo is beneficial in managing diabetes apparently along with proper meal planning, and medication. Physical exercise helps the body work more efficiently especially in using insulin, which controls blood sugar levels. Active body cells also remove glucose from the blood thereby lowering blood sugar as well as A1C or average blood sugar levels. Diabetics who work out regularly like engaging in Tae Bo in a moderate manner can improve glucose take up. In contrast, diabetics who lack regular exercise would suffer increase in blood sugar levels for short burst of activities like catching a ride because the quick sprint would entail release of glucose for fuel which will cause sudden spike up of blood sugar levels that can cause a diabetic to fell unconscious.

Moreover, Tae Bo also helps in burning fat and reducing weight which is helpful in managing diabetes. This also helps in building muscle strength and strengthening bones to counter the potential effects of diabetic neuropathy. Exercise also boosts energy. It also minimize the risk of hypertension and heart disease related to diabetes because it cuts LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and improves blood circulation. Finally, it also tames stress and helps you relax, which is also crucial for managing diabetes.

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