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Sweet Nothings

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For your palate pleasing-pleasure this Heart’s Day, consider these sumptuous sugar-free desserts. These wonderful assortments will easily make you forget that you are eating sugarless. You may discover these to be some of the besttasting desserts you have ever eaten and taking another bite is easy without the remorse of a sugar overload. However, don’t go overboard i f you are watching your fat and calorie intake also.

This rich and creamy New York Style Sugar-free Cheesecake doesn’t easily melt in your mouth and surely has a taste of heaven in every bite.

These soft, milky and sugar-free home baked ensaymadas are like cushions of lushness which are great partners for your after-lunch or dinner tea sessions.

  • Mini Cheddar, Mini Ube, Mini Quezo de Bola, and Mini Choco Belgian – Small as they may be, these sugar-free ensaymadas are yummy treats for everyone.
  • Cheese Rolls and Cheese Ensaymada – Tasty indulgences for cheese lovers yet sugar watchers.
  • Choco Belgian – This chocolate-topped sugar-free ensaymada takes away the guilt that comes with every bite.

One doesn’t have to be devoid of pleasure with Bizu’s magnificent sugar-free European cakes as well as their scrumptious sugar-free Pralines and Truffles.

  • Mei Ling – Sugarless white chocolate ganache with organic green tea infusion and chestnut puree
  • Ching Ling – Sugarless dark ganache flavored with four spices – ginger, cardamon, vanilla pods and cinnamon
  • Adrienne – Sugarless dark chocolate bars with roasted hazel nuts, almonds and pistachios
  • Desiree – Sugarless milk chocolate bars with roasted hazel nuts, almonds and pistachios
  • Blanche – Sugarless white chocolate with roasted hazel nuts, almonds and pistachios
  • Sophia – Sugarless indulgence of coffee liqueur in between layers of vanilla sponge and Mascarpone cheese, dusted with pure cocoa powder
  • Naomi – A combination of sugarless milk and dark chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate cake sprayed with cocoa liqueur

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