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Suha for Lowering Blood Sugar

Suha or pomelo (Citrus grandis) is the largest citrus fruit that is native to South and Southeast Asia. It is yellow when ripe and has sweet sour pinkish flesh with very thick rind pith.

Suha like most other citrus fruits is acidic and primarily helps in the digestive process of the body. It has a fat burning enzyme that absorbs and decreases starch and sugar in the body. However, this enzyme is primarily effective for losing weight and not for controlling blood sugar levels. Instead, it is the chromium contents of the suha which help reduce the blood sugar. While suha helps in lowering the blood sugar of diabetics, it is nevertheless not a cure for diabetes. Aside from this, it has para-insulin which helps decrease blood fat and blood sugar.

Moreover, suha has other nutritional values that makes it advisable or safe for diabetics. For one it is full of vitamin C which is important for boosting the immune system against other diseases. Vitamin C helps improve the absorption of calcium and iron by the body which is helpful for diabetics because of their bodies inability to absorb nutrients. Suha has pectin which helps in cleaning accumulation of arterial deposits and impurities. It helps in lowering cholesterol count thereby reducing heart risks. . It has potassium for combatting hypertension.

Generally, suha is a nutritious fruit. Excessive eating however, could also lead to health risks especially for people with certain sickness. For instance, eating too much suha is not advisable for people with hyperpotassaemia. Moreover, eating suha excessively can be damaging to the liver. The pomelo juice also reacts with anti-allergic medicines causing arrhythmia. Too much potassium is not helpful to people with kidney diseases.

Diabetics can eat practically all types of fruits. The key here is to take the fruit in moderation because anything excessive is harmful. While suha indeed has sugar decreasing nutrients, it can not be used to reduce blood sugar levels on a regular basis.

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