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Sugary Drinks linked with Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

In a study, Harvard School of Public Health researchers have found “clear and consistent” link between the consumption of drinks that are high in sugar and the development of Type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome – a cluster of medical problems consisting of diabetes, high blood pressure, abdominal obesity and cholesterol problems.

“Many previous studies have examined the relationship between sugar-sweetened beverages and risk of diabetes, and most have found positive associations but our study, which is a pooled analysis of the available studies, provides an overall picture of the magnitude of risk and the consistency of the evidence,” Vasanti Malik, lead author, said.

Malik, together with Frank Hu and his team collated 11 independent studies which were intended to search for and delve into the link between drinks with high sugar content ad diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Upon analysis, it was found that there was a “26 percent higher risk of developing diabetes type 2 and a 20┬ápercent higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome among people who consumed 1 to 2 sugary drinks per day, compared to individuals whose monthly maximum was just one such drink. Even daily consumption of just one 12-ounce sugary drink raised diabetes type 2 risk by approximately 15 percent.”

“The association that we observed between soda consumption and risk of diabetes is likely a cause-and-effect relationship because other studies have documented that sugary beverages cause weight gain, and weight gain is closely linked to the development of type 2 diabetes,” concluded Hu.

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