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Sugar-free and Lite Merienda Ideas

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Taking light mid-morning and afternoon snacks has become a staple everyday routine for Filipinos. Although some would say eating three meals a day is enough to keep us going, a quick nibble on a healthy treat in between breakfast and lunch and some time in the afternoon can help bring back focus on school or office work. Health experts agree that consuming the right kind and proper amount of food for snack time is advantageous, even for people with diabetes or those who want to lose weight.

The American Diabetes Association says there’s no need to give up favorite treats as long as these are eaten in accordance with a healthy meal and snack plan. So, along with fruits and vegetablebased snacks, one can eat sugar-free versions of much loved treats. Just do remember the magic word: moderation.

C2 Green Tea Lite

A latest addition to this is the crowd favorite C2 Green Tea Lite. Tagged as ‘cool plus clean’, this beverage contains natural green tea leaves of Camelia sinensis and non-sugar sweetener sucralose. Tip: drink in sips rather than big gulps. This would make you enjoy the beverage more and prevent drinking more than you should.


Through its Go-Lite line, the market leader in bakery goodies offers sugarfree snack items and pasalubong ideas. These classic favorites are sweetened with sucralose, a low calorie sugar substitute. Except for the mango mousse lite cake, the goodies are wrapped in individual packages for convenience.

  • Sugar-free Mamon – This golden, fluffy treat is unbelievably soft and moist. Unlike other mamon, this merienda staple is not too thick, thus easier to eat.
  • Sugar-free Walnut Brownies – Chunky walnut bits make Goldilocks brownies version more luscious in every bite. It has the right sweetness and enough fudge to it.
  • Sugar-free Ensaymada – The problem with most ensaymada in the market is that it has more than enough frosting on top, making the whole thing overwhelming to eat. On the contrary, everything about this ensaymada is made just right, from the size down to the amount of cream and cheese toppings. The bread at the base is especially soft and filling.
  • Mango Mousse Lite Cake – Some say this is reminiscent of ice cream cake. As the name suggests, this novel treat characterizes the creamy goodness of mousse and familiar taste of chocolate chiffon layer at the bottom. The tangy mango syrup on top is a bonus. This is best eaten straight from the refrigerator.

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