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Substitute Skin may prevent Foot Amputations

It may well be something out of a science fiction novel a substitute from cells, which will be used in aiding hard-to-heal diabetic foot ulcers.

The product, called Dermagraft, is manufactured and sold by a company called Advance BioHealing. It works by using a piece of tissue produced in a laboratory, and implanting it in a wound that has difficulty healing. This product is useful in aiding the healing process, at times preventing the need for amputation. “With more than 171 million diabetics worldwide, ABH plans to continue expanding Dermagraft sales in the U.S., while seeking regulatory approval and commercial partnerships for Dermagraft in international markets,” said Michelle Larkin, a PR representative.

The company states that there are some limitations to using Dermagraft – it should only be used as part of woun care procedure, and the wounds shouldn’t have exposed tendons, muscles or bones. It may also require adequate blood supply.

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