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Stress Men more prone to Type 2 Diabetes

Men are more exposed to type 2 diabetes when they are stressed, said a new study from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

“Today, stress is not recognized as a preventable cause of diabetes. However, our study shows that there is an independent link between permanent stress and the risk of developing diabetes, which underlines the importance of preventive measure,” said Masuma Novak, lead author of the study published in the journal, Diabetic Medicine.

The researchers identified a link between stress levels and metabolic conditions in a sample collected over the past 35 years from a total of 899 men who developed Type 2 Diabetes.

The scientist examined close to 7,000 men who took part in the long-term population based health study. The respondents did not have histories of diabetes, stroke, or heart disease at the beginning of the research but 15.5 percent said they experienced permanent or chronic stress related to work or home conditions in the past one to five years.

The men, who were stressed, were 45 percent more prone to developing type 2 diabetes compared to men who did not experience permanent or periodic stress.

The connection between stress and diabetes remains statistically significant even with consideration of age, levels of physical activity, body mass index, blood pressure, and use of high blood pressure medication.

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