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Stress-Busting Tips

Posted on May 1, 2021 | No Comments on Stress-Busting Tips

Question: Please give us some stress-busting tips.

Answer: The simplest form of de-stressing is to walk away from your stressors-work, people, computers, mobile phones, etc. But no matter how often you do that, you will be forced to deal with stress again and again.

Start with your mind. Do a slow breathing exercise. Learn how to meditate. Sit comfortably on your chair. Relax. Forget your situation and problems for 10 minutes in the morning upon waking and before bedtime.
Mind-body exercises work too, like yoga, taichi, and qi-gong.

Why not carry an affirmation with you each day? For example: “Today is a day for miracles for me.” And tomorrow it could be, “Prosperity is mine in all I do.”

To relax, give yourself a break or a long-postponed vacation. Pamper yourself in some luxurious spa.

Eat apples – the natural fragrance of apple while eating relieves some stress.

Lavender Oil – just put small drops of lavender oil on hot water.

Peppermint plant – take the peppermint leaves and smell the mint scent on the leaves

Deep breathing – inhale through the nose and exhale to the mouth.

Above all, be kind to yourself. Sometimes, being in the company of friends and family is enough to put cheer in a sad heart.

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