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Squid Good for Diabetes?

Posted on June 25, 2020 | No Comments on Squid Good for Diabetes?

A squid is an 8-armed mob that looks like an octopus but with an elongated head, and is a popular sea food delicacy across the world. When talking about sea food, the squid is one of the things that immediately comes to mind.

As a seafood, squid is a great source of protein and other nutrients. However, its dietary cholesterol level is higher than that of scallops or clams. While an average consumption of squid can already provide our daily need for dietary cholesterol of 300 mg a day, it is not sufficient to provide our daily need for saturated fat and calories. Moreover, one way to reduce the cholesterol content of squid is by the way it is prepared and cooked. In order to improve the health benefits of squid, it is advisable that it is cooked by boiling or grilling instead of frying.

Squid as food has many nutritional benefits. Accordingly, it is a great source of copper which helps bodies to use iron for developing red blood cells that carries oxygen to our bodies. It is good for people with arthritis as lowers selenium levels for reliving bone muscles. It is an excellent source of protein for our muscles, skin and skin peripherals. It has vitamin B2 (riboflavin), which helps in reducing head aches as well as B12 for reducing risk for heart problems. It has zinc for boosting body immune system, magnesium for relaxing nerves and muscles and potassium for decreasing hypertension.

In a nutshell, while squid do not have sugar which is good for diabetic, its eating should nevertheless be regulated because of its high dietary cholesterol levels compared to other sea food. However, cholesterol level is not the only factor considered to say if food is good or bad. Squid has other nutritional value which are also important for diabetics. Thus, squid is good for diabetics but should be taken always in moderation.

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