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Spearmint Tea for Diabetes

A spearmint tea is prepared simply by immersing spearmint leaves (from the plant Mentha spicata or Yerba Buena) in boiling water. Menthol which is extracted primarily from leaves of mint plants like eucalyptus and spearmint generally helps in lowering blood sugar levels. However, even if mint teas can effectively lower blood glucose levels, it is not generally advise for diabetic patients to drink mint teas in general on a regular basis because the menthol can restrict or obstruct with regular diabetic medications which may even caused further damage. Moreover, the lowering of blood sugar levels can be reduced at critical levels resulting to hypoglycemia, which is itself deadly. Diabetic patients should therefore drink spearmint tea under the supervision of a physician.

Aside from helping in reducing blood sugar levels, the spearmint tea has other healthy benefits that makes it generally a great drink for all. First of, the spearmint tea help relieve and cure nausea caused by over eating especially fatty foods. In the same token it helps treat indigestion and stomach pain especially gas problems. Moreover, spearmint tea helps treat morning sickness usually suffered by pregnant women. This morning sickness is frequently suffered by pregnant women especially in the first weeks of pregnancy. Spearmint tea also help control Hirsutism among women or the growth of unwanted hair on the face, armpit, breasts, and other areas of the body. For teenagers, the spearmint tea is helpful in drying up pimples or acne by helping control oily skin and detoxifying the skin. Thus, the tea helps in creating smooth skin.

However, spearmint tea much like other teas what has menthol flavor is especially known to provide relief from asthma and coughing. The menthol has natural properties that help clear the airways clogged with mucus by thinning the mucus and soothing throat irritations when coughing. Finally, drinking spearmint tea helps in relaxing people. It helps generally regulate body metabolism for a healthy rest and sleep.

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