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Spa Del Mar: Relaxation + Style

What happens when a classical thought that goes beyond the ancient Greek philosophy and astrology gets blended with modern techniques to achieve ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation? A seasoned set of complete offerings those tranquility and total body-wellness will certainly bring back the good old you and even overhaul your weary self—inside and out!

And when’s the best time to let all your stress and worries melt away? Now!

The Spa del Mar at Movenpick Hotels & Resorts-Cebu offers nothing less—a total spa experience at its finest, giving you relaxation with style. Located on the tropical island of Mactan, Cebu, which in itself offers a soothing environment, Spa del Mar is an ideal place to regain your composure and catch a little break.

From its warm, friendly, and relaxed ambience amidst lush gardens and panoramic sights, Spa del Mar is a great way to “put back a little of what life takes out” through its wide array of treatments and therapies inspired by the traditional ingredients and ancient wisdom of the Four Elements, namely, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

The Fire Element Treatment includes the Equilibrium Therapy (90 minutes, PhP 3,700), which utilizes the Spa’s very own reviving brand of Wild Mint massage oil coupled with a specially crafted Thai natural herbal pack. What makes this treatment unique is its gentle exfoliation strokes—a great way to nourish and protect the skin.

Two of the famous offerings of Spa del Mar are the Mactan Massage (60 minutes, PhP 3,000) and the Siamese or Shiatsu Massage (60 minutes, PhP 2,550)—both of which are considered Earth Element Treatments. Clients who opt to have the Mactan Massage can choose from pure, natural essential oils to be used in the treatment that includes a gentle therapeutic massage. It is noted that Mactan is a helpful way to ease tension and travel-related stress. Meanwhile, the Siamese or Shiatsu Massage is a good way to relieve tension, soothe tired muscles, and revitalize the mind and body as it calls for a Siamese art treatment technique involving stretching and bending.

For therapies focused on nourishing one’s skin, the Air Element Treatment, which involves body scrubs and aroma wraps, is the best choice. Spa del Mar has a wide range of offerings clients can choose from, including the Aromatherapy Water Lily Facial (60 minutes, PhP 3,250), Aromatherapy Mattifying Oil (60 minutes, PhP 2,950), Aromatherapy Facial for Men (60 minutes, PhP 3,150), Thai Fruit Wrap (60 minutes, PhP 2,600), and Moroccan Rassoul Body Wrap (90 minutes, PhP 4,700).

While if you personally would like to point out your sore body areas and let the therapist massage each of them, a Swedish Massage (60 minutes, PhP 2,650) and a Water Element Treatment, are highly recommended.
The Spa del Mar likewise tenders a spacious relaxation area, a reflex zone for foot reflexology, and a Sanctuary Bar to complete the total spa experience.

So why wait for another day to experience all these? Let yourself feel invigorated with style that you cannot get from anywhere else, but at Spa del Mar.

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