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Sonya’s Romantic Refuge

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Magical… Enthralling… Tranquil…These are just some of the ways guests have described their experience at Sonya’s Garden Restaurant & Country Bed and Breakfast. Before 1998, Ms. Sonya Garcia only entertained family and friends at her breathtaking home in Tagaytay. She would serve delectable dishes made with ingredients organically grown in her secret garden. After much prodding from her friends. Sonya opened her doors and the restaurant was born.

Patrons soon flocked to Sonya’s Garden not just from the vicinity but also from various parts of the country and the globe. And many return to relive the awe-inspiring experience. In 2003, the Bed and Breakfast was opened for clients to NO the rustic and peaceful atmosphere a bit longer. I had heard nothing but praises from a lot of people about it. And I’m glad Sonya’s lived up to its reputation and more.

Dining at Sonya’s was sheer delight. The dining pavilion was surrounded by a lovely garden of herbs and flowers. The aroma emanating from them was quite soothing. The place settings were a visual treat – an eclectic ensemble of antique dishes, tableware and various ornaments collected over the years. It was easy to see why Sonya’s has been the idyllic setting for many an intimate wedding, marriage proposal or romantic tryst.

Lunch and dinner at the restaurant are set, so don’t bother asking for a menu. Appetizers consisted of freshly picked green salad, homemade bread with various spreads. The salad dressed with Sonya’s signature secret dressing was good (so good that I purchased a bottle to take home with me). The main course was pasta and I could put on shrimp and as much tomato pesto or chicken in white sauce and condiments as I liked. For dessert, we had sweetened camote and banana. For drinks, we had freshly squeezed dalandan juice and tarragon tea. For those who need to watch their sugar intake, just dab a little of the dressing or choose the balsamic vinegar dressing instead. Also, skip the dessert and the juice, or when you book a reservation, inform the staff about any special dietary requirements you may have such as sugar restrictions.

After having had full gastronomic satisfaction, we walked over to the Bed and Breakfast (B & B) cottages. The ten cottages were all named after herbs and have different configurations. Around 2 to 6 guests could be accommodated in the various cottages, up to 13 in the biggest one. Sonya’s B & B rates include complimentary foot & back massage, full breakfast plus either lunch or dinner and a serenade.

The rooms have a Euro-Asian feel. Shoes are left in designated areas near the door and slippers are provided. The crisp white cotton linens, the inspirational books by the bedside, the unique furniture, antiques and shabby chic curios were all wonderful touches. The rooms could truly be a haven for honeymooners, vacationers and retreat-seekers.

We also marveled at various knickknacks strewn throughout the estate. Thai-inspired arrangements of urns with cut flowers floating in water appear like lilies in a pond. Mini fountains simulating the sound of babbling brooks and the assorted chimes of bamboo or metal dancing with the wind seem to hypnotize one to slumber.

At Sonya’s you feel like you’re being transported to an earlier time (perhaps in one’s childhood) when television sets or telephones did not constantly interrupt one’s thoughts. Sonya’s B & B also offers other “art-of-doing-nothing” activities such as free lessons in Basic Gardening, Compost Making, Plant Propagation, Flower Arrangement, Wreath Making and Cooking Lessons Using Herbs. We also checked out Sonya’s Pampering Salon where one could get a full body scrub, massage, facial, hair and foot spa treatments at very reasonable rates. And we were invigorated.

Sonya’s B & B is the ideal place for those who would like to feel nature’s caress, hear the voice of God or be intimate with a beloved.

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