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Skyflakes for Diabetics

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SkyFlakes is a type of cracker manufactured and distributed by Monde M.Y. San Corporation. Along with Fita crackers, these crackers have been enjoyed by a great many generations of thoroughly satisfied consumers. In the Philippines, Skyflakes crackers have been popular for people that are reducing. It is also is traditionally given to children who are sick and people with ulcers.

For diabetic persons, skyflakes is also useful in managing the disease. One way to manage diabetes is by eating small snacks in between meals in order to reduce ones appetite and prevent one from eating heavy meals during lunch and supper. Moreover, skyflakes crackers are also an alternative snack for meryenda instead of eating sugary sweet foods including juice. This also have the advantage of portability and not being messy. One can carry the cracker and eat it without being messy.

Skyflakes is a whole grain cracker made up primarily of wheat and flour. One serving of Skyflakes provides 120 calories, 5 grams of fats and 170 grams of sodium. It must be noted that while Skyflakes is advisable as a snack for diabetics, it is not advisable to consumer skyflakes excessively in one sitting. Three pieces of crackers will do. Other alternative crackers that diabetic patients can eat included Fita, Magic Flakes and Graham crackers.

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