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Skin Disorders and Diabetes

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People with diabetes should be aware of the potentially serious skin problems related to the disease, which can be managed with early diagnosis and treatment. Diabetic skin disorders are primarily rooted to poor blood circulation and the inability of the skin to receive proper nutrition to fight off diseases and bacteria, to which it is most vulnerable because of its constant exposure to them.

Topping the list of skin disorder related to diabetes is bacterial Infections which is marked by hot, red, painful, and swollen skin in the eyelid styes, boils, nail infections, and carbuncles. Fungal and yeast infections are also common especially Candida albicans, ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, and vaginal infections, which can be treated using anti fungal medications. Both bacterial and fungal infections are characterized by itching and dry skin. Vitiligo is another common diabetic related skin disorder characterized by irregular, blotchy patches cause by damaged melanin (brown pigmentation).

Another fatal skin problem related to diabetic neuropathy is foot ulcer, which occurs when foot is injured or one develop a blister. This blister or injury worsenrs and gets infected because the patient tend to disregard it because of nerve damage caused them to lose sensation (i.e. pain) of the feet. However this blisters (bullosis diabeticorum) can occur anywhere including the backs of fingers, hands, and sometimes on the legs or forearms.

Another skin disorder resulting from out-of-control diabetes is eruptive xanthomatosis which is marked by firm, yellow, pea-like skin growths and itchy bumps in red halo. Digital sclerosis is another skin problem characterized by thick, tight, waxy skin that develops on the backs of the hands. Meanwhile, Granuloma Annulare is a skin disorder characterized by bumpy, or ring-shaped spots, which are skin colored, red, or red-brown.

While lotions and skin care medications can help in treating this problems, the primary way to address these skin disorders is by consistently controlling blood sugar levels.

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