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Skin Care Products for Diabetics

Thelma has been a diabetic for as long as she could remember. Aside from suffering from the typical blood sugar worries, having an unusual parched and scaly skin comes second on her worry list.

Added to that, she was told that a mere crack in her skin caused by dryness may lead to infection and potentially worse complications such as amputation or gangrene.

All along, she thought that diabetes could only affect her blood sugar. Diabetes has been robbing her skin of its moisture, leaving it less supple, flaky, and cracked. This was until she was introduced to the answer to her skin’s moisture problem: Therabetics Deep Moisturizing Cream.

In a few days’ time, her dry skin started to smoothen and feel as good as new, she testified. “I use the cream the way I use a regular lotion,” Thelma says. She applies it on her hands after every washing and other parts of her skin after each shower. “The cream is not as greasy as any other creams I’ve used so I also make it a point to apply before bedtime. In a few days, I saw a really big difference in my skin’s appearance.”

With high blood sugar also comes diabetic neuropathy, and with it comes pain, numbness, and an uncomfortable tingling sensation in the hands and feet. Foot care is very crucial in diabetes and Thelma has been experiencing occasional pain and numbness in her feet. With just a dab of Therabetics Relief Cream in her feet, normal nerve feelings seem to be restored and pain eliminated. Therabetics Relief Cream works by providing a warm soothing sensation; thus increasing circulation and triggers nerve activity in that area, restoring feeling and reducing pain, all in a non greasy, non scented and quick-absorbing cream.

She also tried Therabetics Espuma Foam Hand Sanitizer to test its efficacy and quality. Unlike ordinary hand sanitizers, aside from being alcohol-based, it is also combined with pharmaceutical-grade germ killers and moisturizers, making it powerful on germs yet gentle on the skin, leaving hands moisturized and greatly scented. Thelma was shocked to learn that Espuma’s prowess came in a nicely scented foam she could pump!

“Now every time I sanitize with Espuma Foam Hand Sanitizer in Passion Fruit Scent, I use the moisturizer to ensure protection for my delicate skin,” happily shares Thelma. In the advent of innovations and products such as Therabetics Deep Moisturizng Cream, Therabetics Relief Cream, and Espuma Foam Hand Sanitizer, having diabetes will no longer be a burden.

Therabetics Deep Moisturizing Cream is an advanced formulation especially developed to provide deep skin nourishment that moisturizes and protects the severely dry skin of diabetics. It is also good as a foot and heel cream and effective as an over all body moisturizer. It is good for non diabetics, too.

Espuma Foam Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs without water. With powerful germ killers yet gentle on the skin and leaves you with a great scent.

Therabetics Relief Cream
is an advanced formulation specially developed to provide temporary relief to people with diabetes who are experiencing pain, numbness, and uncomfortable tingling sensation in their hands and feet. It is helpful for those with diabetic neuropathy. People who are suffering from arthritis and rheumatism can also benefit from using the Therabetics Relief Cream.

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