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Skim Milk: A Healthy Alternative Drink for Diabetics

As a diabetic, it is imperative to avoid drinks that are rich in sugar. With this notion, the most recommended drinks are those that are obviously low in calorie and low in sugar. Some of these recommended drinks are unsweetened tea, coffee, diet soda and of course, water. Some may appeal to individuals who are tea and coffee aficionados, but if you are not one with a refined taste you may find these drinks surprisingly bland and awful. If so, then another alternative from these drinks is skim milk.

Since we were children at a certain point in our life, we can never hate milk. Aside from our natural affinity to it, milk contains proteins and important vitamins and minerals which makes it a better alternative compared to the other options. Some of these vitamins and minerals include calcium and vitamin D. Naturally, milk contains a lot of sugar to begin with such as lactose. But due to advances in technology, it is now possible to avail low fat 1% or skim milk.

According to diabetes.org, one cup of skim milk provides about 12 grams of carbohydrates and 80 calories. This is obviously higher from what you will be getting when you consume water, tea or coffee perhaps. But as what they all say, too much of something is dangerous. That’s why you need to control the portion size that you are taking as the calories and carbohydrates accumulate pretty quickly when you drink too much.

There would be chances when an individual is lactose intolerant or simply doesn’t like milk. Worry not since this is not a disadvantage at all. You can still avail of all the benefits from milk such as protein, calories, vitamins and minerals from known alternatives such as fortified soy milk, rice milk or almond milk.

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