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Silymarin and Weight Loss

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Silymarin is a bioflavonoids complex or plants secondary metabolites or vitamin P that is commonly obtained milk thistle plant (Silybum marianum), a plant from the Asteraceae family characterized by red to purple flowers and glossy light green stalks and sepals. The key ingredient in Silymarin is the silybin, which made the milk thistle plant a renowned medical herb since time immemorial.

The Silymarin in milk thistle is commonly used for the treatment of liver and gall bladder disorders. The Silymarin contains a considerable quantity of antioxidants and serves as anti-inflammatory agent. This helps in protecting the liver from absorbing dangerous toxins and ultimately helps in detoxifying the body.

The natural anti-inflammatory property of silymarin is also what facilitates weight loss when the chemical is regularly eaten. Silymarin helps eliminate and prevent production of fat and liver cells especially among obese individuals which help in improving the body metabolism function of burning fats and regulate the size of body fat cells Aside from preventing fatty liver disease, the anti inflammatory agents tend to helps individuals in quickly losing weight.

Moreover, studies have shown that sylimarin help regulate and lower triglyceride or fats in the blood which are common among people with diabetes. Cholesterol also went down. These effects of sylimarin all boils down to better food digestion, better fat burning metabolism and fat elimination in the body and blood thus resulting to significant weight loss to people taking sylimarin.

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