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Sex Life after a Heart Attack

Posted on October 16, 2018 | No Comments on Sex Life after a Heart Attack

Having a heart attack can be one of the most devastating things that a person can experience.  Picking up the pieces afterwards and moving on are usually filled with uncertainty as to being able to go back to normal daily activities. Resumption of sexual intercourse is one common, but sometimes unspoken, concern among coronary patients. Several questions usually crop up, among which are the following:

Can I still have sex after a heart attack?

Answer: Yes.
But it should always be cleared with a doctor first.  Heart attack patients are asked to abstain and rest for at least 2 weeks.  This is to allow time for the heart to heal properly and to avoid unnecessary strain on the heart.  If after 2 weeks and the patient is already able to tolerate climbing stairs (which is a rough equivalent of sexual activity), it is then reasonable to resume sexual intercourse.  It is also recommended that the patient be the “passive” partner for the meanwhile.  No acrobatics, please.

I have difficulties having an erection.  Can i take viagra?

Answer: It depends.
Unknown to many, Viagra or sildenafil was fist developed as a heart medicine, but was remarketed for something else because of its favorable side effect.  Don’t take viagra if you are also taking nitrates (i.e., nitroglycerine, isosorbide mono or di-nitrate). Viagra and Nitrates taken together can cause life-threatening drops in blood pressure.  So if you see in the prescription anything with the word “nitrate”, don’t take Viagra and similar drugs: tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra).

I am on medications.  Will it affect my sex life?

Answer: Maybe.
Some heart medicines specifically beta-blockers, may cause difficulties in having an erection.  Other blood pressure medications should not cause similar problems.

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