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Secrets of Healthy Bones

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Diabetes embraces numerous complications, and bone disease is not an exception.The illness attacks bone mass without hesitation. Poor bone health is usually associated with type 1 diabetes, with decreasing bone mass as one of its complications. But type 2 diabetics are not at all safe. The American Diabetes Association reveals that even though type 2 diabetes increases bone mass, the risk of bone fracture is still high. There are things that one can do to maintain bone health. We suggest the following ways:

Munch Foods Rich in Calcium. Milk is the popular source of calcium and is readily available. If you need to watch your fat intake, choose skim or low-fat versions. In case you are not a milk-lover, try other sources of calcium like yogurt, cheese, soy products and bread. Canned sardines and salmon with bones are also high in calcium. For veggie lovers, broccoli, bok choy and dried beans are good calcium sources.

Soak in the Early Morning Sunshine. A great source of vitamin D is the sun itself. 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure twice a week is enough for the body’s vitamin D requirement. There are also many vitamin D-fortified foods like milk, cheese, pudding and cereals available. Egg yolk is also rich in vitamin D.

Pro-Active Means Pro-Health. Regular exercise or any physical activity improves balance,coordination, muscle strength and bone health.Walking,stair climbing, dancing and stretching are just some of the physical activities you may want to engage in. For adults, 30 minutes daily exercise is enough, while younger ones may need 60 minutes exercise a day. For those with already weakened bones, it is important to consult a physician first before starting any exercise routine.

Always Consult a Medical Expert. An orthopedics’ opinion about bone health risks is a crucial factor especially in the latter years. Several tests are available such as the bone mineral density test to ensure the health of your bones. Health care professionals can also prescribe the right medications or supplements that you may need.

Being Skinny is not Healthy. Underweight people have an increased risk of bone fracture and loss. It is important that you maintain the ideal weight for your body proportioned to your height. Achieving the right weight through regular exercise and good nutrition is the best way to maintain peak bone health.

Puffing the Fatal Stick. Smoking is not only generally bad for your health; it is bad for the bones too. Smoking is associated with slow healing, and early smokers tend to have slower bone development. For women, smoking contributes to early menopause resulting to increased bone loss.

Drinking the Legal Poison. Excess alcohol drinking also conflicts with the absorption of calcium and decreases the production of bone-protecting hormones in the body. People who drink excessively are also prone to accidents that more likely causes falls and fractures.

Too Much Java, Protein and Vitamin A. Though the jury’s I still out, some evidence suggests that drinking lots of coffee (-4 or more cups/day) can raise fracture risk. Caffeine may enhance calcium excretion in urine. Too much protein intake can also cause calcium to seep out of the bones. Furthermore, excess preformed vitamin A (5,000 IU and over) may promote fractures.

The bones serve as the framework of the body. They must be cared for in the best possible ways. By maintaining good bone health, we can continue walking with our head held high, and as upright as we can, even with diabetes.

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