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Ketones in Urine

Ketones are broken down fat cells and fatty acids used as energy or fuel of the body, which happens usually when the body has insufficient sugar or carbohydrates to provide for energy needs. When the body is unable to use carbohydrates, which is its main source of energy, it starts to break down fats to […]

Sugar Attack

Abnormally high blood sugar (or hyperglycemia) can be a life-threatening condition and warrants prompt recognition treatment. For a person with diabetes, this can be caused by missed diabetes medication such as insulin or oral hypoglycemic tablets, intake of too much food or by illness and stress. Related terms:causes of \diabetesdiabetic ketoacidosis treatmenthhs causes rapid deep […]

Diabetes: One of Pregnancy’s Major Roadblocks

They say that of all the rights a woman has, the best is to give birth and become a mother. Despite its numerous discomforts – having morning sickness, mood swings, swollen feet, and the feeling of carrying two sacks of rice day in and day out – I know a lot of women who’d go […]