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Lack of Sleep Heightens Diabetes Risk

A recent study suggests that “short-sleepers” are more prone to develop blood sugar abnormality that may lead to type 2 diabetes. Related terms:alukbati benefitlack of sleep and diabetesalukbati vegetablelack of sleep heightens diabetes riskWhat is Alukbati vegetable?diabetes research lack of sleepsleep diabetes control studyrafaelson sleep diabetes buffaloLisa Rafaelson buffalolimited sleep diabeteslack of sleep pre-disposition diabeteslack […]

Sleep Disruption and Diabetes

Persons with diabetes not only have to deal with their sugar levels, they also have to contend with different sleep problems. Related terms:blood sugar levels of employees that have lack of sleepnot sleep well it is a cause for Diabetesphilippines related literature about blood sugar with lack of sleeppocari sweat for restless leg syndromerelated literature […]