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Cranberry Waldorf Fruit Salad

Got some leftover apples sitting around? ┬áThis is a great way to toss some fruit favorites together in a colorful fruit salad. Yield: 4 portions Ingredients: 1/2 cup Cranberries, dried; or 1/2 cup Cranberries, fresh 1 cup Red or Green apple, chopped 1 cup celery, chopped 1 cup orange wedges 1/4 cup walnut pieces 1 […]

Buko and Fresh Fruit Salad

Freshly made buko salad is certainly sinfully delicious. Try out this alternative recipe that makes use of yogurt instead of condensed milk and heave cream. While we are using mangoes in this recipe, feel free to add your favorite fruits in season. Change the flavor of the yogurt to suit the fruits. Related terms:buko salad […]

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fruits have always been my favorite breakfast option. Give it a different twist with the addition of cottage cheese and a sweet-sour calamansi dressing. Mix it up with other fresh fruits in season. Yield: 4 portions Related terms:is buko juice good for diabeticsis calamansi good for diabeticsbuko for diabeticfresh fruit salad for diabeticsfruit salad for […]

Conquering the Supermarket Aisles and Diabetes

The success of diabetes mellitus management is largely influenced by what goes into our shopping carts and eventually into our mouths. This makes wise and healthy shopping habits essential in managing diabetes, the prevalence of which co knues to increase among Filipinos. Let us accompany you to your trip to the supermarket and usher you […]

Healthy Valentine Dining at Florabel

In search of a place to have a romantic but healthy dinner this Valentine’s? Florabel restaurant at the Podium in ortigas might just be the place for you – with its healthy dishes, South Beach Diet versions of flavorful mouthwatering dishes and cozy ambiance – you need not go far for that perfect romantic date. […]