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Diet as First-line Therapy for Infantile Spasms

Traditionally used for intractable childhood epilepsy, the high fat, low carbohydrate ketogenic diet was found by a study to be an effective first-line treatment for spasms among four to eight-month old infants with epilepsy. Related terms:ERIC KOSSOFF ketogenic neurologyinfantile spasms adalahkossoff eric 2012infantile spasms philippinesinfantile spasms in the philippines2012 COST OF ACTH FOR SPASMSinfantile spasm […]

Siniguelas Nutrients

Also known as red mombin, Spanish plum, purple plum, java plum, red plum, purple mombin or wild plum, Sineguelas a tropical fruit that grows in shrub requiring little cultivation that is seasonally common during summer. The fruit is popular for its medicinal uses and health benefits. It is high in calcium, phosphorus, ascorbic acid and […]