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Guilt Free Choco Fudge Brownies

All the decadent goodness with none of the guilt.  The batter may be a bit difficult to handle when adding Splenda but the eggs will help smoothen it out in the end. Yield: 24 portions Related terms:diabetic fudge browniesfudge brownies for diabeticschoco fudge browniesbrownies for diabeteschoco fudgeCHOCO FUDGE BROWNIES RECIPE FILIPINO STYLEdairy free fudge browniesdiabetes […]

Baker’s Treat

Baking used to be forbidden for most people with diabetes since sugar is a necessary ingredient in baking.  Thankfully, with the introduction of alternative sweeteners, and the right modifications, diabetics and figure-conscious people can now enjoy a whole new world of baked items.

Sugar-free and Lite Merienda Ideas

Taking light mid-morning and afternoon snacks has become a staple everyday routine for Filipinos. Although some would say eating three meals a day is enough to keep us going, a quick nibble on a healthy treat in between breakfast and lunch and some time in the afternoon can help bring back focus on school or […]