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Garlic Soup Catalan

Clear broth, enricheed with raw egg yolk if desired. Ingredients: Olive Oil Garlic flackes – fresh Iodized salt Fresh egg – 1 piece Melba toast Spring Onions – chopped Chicken Broth Related terms:catalan garlic soupcatalonian garlic soupgarlic soup catalancalories 1pc molocatalan garlic soup recipecatalan garlic soup with egg and breaddiabetes for garlic soupmolo soup caloriesMOLO […]

Cafe Adriatico: Eastern Delight

Looking for a Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant that has a relaxing ambience? Wanting for a feel of the old times: antiques, woods, paintings and classical music? Then you must try Café Adriatico. Café Adriatico opened on January 1980. The concept came from its founder, Mr. Larry Cruz, a former journalist. A frequent traveler, Mr. Cruz got the […]