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Chinese Salt Pepper Squid with Chili Sauce

Calamari is undoubtedly the most popular squid dish.  But all that frying also adds too much cholesterol.  Here we make a boiled version similar to the chinese version, before topping it with a home-made sweet chili sauce that is easy to do even in a rush. Related terms:squid and diabeteswww allaboutdiabetes net chinese-salt-pepper-squid-with-chili-saucesquid for diabeticsis […]

Shrimp and Mango Salsa Salad

I just love munching on fresh salsa. Enjoy this version that combines shrimp and mango salsa. Instead of using a high-calorie dressing, top your greens with a flavorful salsa. Of course, you can enjoy it by itself or as a topping for some grilled fish. Related terms:mango salsamango salsa cooked shrimp recipemango salsa saladprawn mango […]

Fiber Coleslaw

Munch on this coleslaw version that uses light mayonnaise, allowing you to enjoy a classic cream-style coleslaw without all the calories and fat. Cabbage is packed with antioxidants and it is naturally high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. Related terms:fiber Cole slawwhat is the use of calamansi in the mayonnaisefiber coleslawcoleslaw fibercoleslaw recipe with […]

Native Ensalada

Alugbati and other talbos vegetables are a great source of fiber, aside from being tasty themselves. Offer this tasty version of the ensalada that will liven up any meal. Yield: 6 to 8 portions Related terms:alugbati recipealugbati recipesalugbati dishesensalada talboswhat nutrients calories we get from 3 pieces calamansialugbati blanchedprocedures to make a ensaladaprocedures for ensaladanutritional […]

Oven Baked Spring Rolls

Update the Vietnamese spring roll with this baked version that is filled with a lot of healthy fillings. Or improve this version with bite-sized dumpling versions that can be baked, steamed or boiled. The dipping sauce provides a fiery and tangy counterpoint for the dish. Related terms:oven baked spring rollsdiabetic spring rollsbaked vietnamese spring rollsoven […]

Fresh Tuna Pasta, Nicoise-Style

In this French pasta salad classic, we update it a bit using fresh tuna.  But if you can’t find fresh tuna, simply use canned tuna in water and follow the same procedure for marinating and heat it up in a saute pan instead of grilling it. Related terms:tuna pasta nicoisetuna diabetesfresh tuna and diabetesfresh tuna […]

Apple Pie

While having a bite out of an apple pie can be so tempting, we are often guilt-ridden with the thought of so much calories and carbohydrates being consumed. Fret not as we show you a way to get around it. Our pie crust is made with wheat and all-purpose flour, as well as alternative sweeteners […]

Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are always a delicious treat. Here is a different version with an easy graham cracker base and an even easier tart lemon topping. You can opt to use calamansi juice instead, but reduce to proportions to adjust for its flavors. Related terms:lemon bars for diabeticsdiabetic lemon barslemon bars diabeticDIABETIC LEMON SQUARESlemonsquaresfordiabeticslemon squares for […]

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fruits have always been my favorite breakfast option. Give it a different twist with the addition of cottage cheese and a sweet-sour calamansi dressing. Mix it up with other fresh fruits in season. Yield: 4 portions Related terms:is buko juice good for diabeticsis calamansi good for diabeticsbuko for diabeticfresh fruit salad for diabeticsfruit salad for […]

Hot and Sour Soup

Asian flavors are always close to our hearts – none more so than this hearty bowl.  Kaffir lime leaves add that sour flavor and are available in specialty shops like Spices and Flavours at Market! Market!.  If you can’t find it, replace with calamansi juice to spice up the sour flavors. Related terms:hot and sour […]