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Coral Reefs: Medicine Cabinets of the 21st Century

Coral reefs could be the source of many new medicines in the 21st century. “Marine sources could be the major source of drugs in the coming years,” said Dr. William Fenical, director for marine biotechnology and biomedicine at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California. Related terms:coral reefs medicine cabinets for the 21st […]

Miracle in Milk

In the ongoing battle to save people from harming themselves through their damaging diets, kefir revealed itself as a wellness jewel. Kefir is an ancient, nutritional and therapeutic complete living food which originated from a village known for long and healthy lives in the Caucasus Mountains at the border of Europe, Russia, Asia, and Middle East […]

Tapping the Miracle Brain

It is time to control your destiny. Don’t leave your intelligence level or your creativity to the genes that your parents gave you, because contrary to common belief, the brain evolves according to how we nourish it.

Best Weight-Loss Diet?

Question: What is the best weight-loss diet in the world? Answer: There are numerous diets available for the picking. The choice is yours. Before you end up confused by all the literature on losing weight, stop for a moment. Related terms:best tea for diabeticsmost effective weight loss diet

Are Vitamins Fattening?

Question: Are vitamins fattening? If so, why should I take them? Answer: Vitamins do not cause weight gain. However, there are some vitamins that can increase your appetite. Related terms:are vitamins fatteningare multivitamins fatteningfattening vitaminsvitamins fatteningvitamins for women philippinesbest multivitamins for women philippinesmultivitamins for women in the philippinesnon fattening multivitaminbest multivitamins for adults in the […]

How safe is your Arthritic Pain Reliever?

The side effects of pain killers called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) has made people suffering from arthritis hesitant to take medications. Related terms:ortiga pillsortiga pain pillsortiga pills side effectsdr eric amanteortiga for arthritisBuy Ortiga Pillsclanza side effectswhere can i buy ortiga pillsmarie jee aguilarwhat are ortiga pillsortiga pain pilldr julius leccionesortiga side effectsdr amante rehumatologistwhere […]

Coffee: Source of Natural Beauty

For those of us who love to indulge in that second cup of coffee in the morning, why not take that passion for java a step further? Many skin care divas are discovering what women all over the world have known for years: coffee is good for your skin. Related terms:body wrapshow to use singkamas for […]

Organic on your Skin

Our skin is the largest organ and it absorbs any products applied to it. Nowadays, our skin is exposed to city pollution, harsh skin products, chemicals and constant contact to the sun. The most important thing to remember when getting rid of damaging elements, is that our skin is a delicate membrane, and going overboard […]

A Mother’s Wish for a Special Child

She looks at her son with a proud smile on her face as he walks slowly, limping a little, up the stage to accept his Diabetes Achiever award for having survived diabetes for more than 20 years. Not a small feat for someone who has other special needs aside from being a type 1 diabetic; […]

Battling the Migraine

Migraine is more common than asthma, diabetes or even congestive heart failure and it is diagnosed on the basis of symptoms and that no procedure can confirm the diagnosis. We take a closer look at migraine, dubbed as the headache from hell, and learn how to manage it in a jiffy. Related terms:coconut oil migraine […]