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Pregabalin Eases Pain from Diabetic Neuropathy

A review of previous studies showed that pregabalin (Lyrica), a drug used for epileptic attacks, could safely and effectively relieve pain from diabetic neuropathy. Related terms:pregabalin and diabetespregabalin diabeticsall about Pregabalinpregabalin diabetic polyneuropathy 2010pregabalin diabetic pain 2011pregabalin diabetes seniorspregabalin blood sugarpregabalin and diabetic sugarsقرص pregabalinpregabalin diabeticpregabalin diabetespregabalin blood sugarspregabalin and sugerpregabalin and diabetes 2011PREGABALINmagadiabetgrabs 600 […]

Diabetes Pain Management

The pain related to diabetes can sometimes take a toll with age. Older or elderly patients with diabetes can feel discomfort and weakness that can affect their quality of life. The pain related to diabetes is primarily caused by nerve damage called neuropathy, which can cause chronic pain in three ways. Pains or numbness in […]