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Sammy Lagmay and Diabetes

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Sammy Lagmay is one of the many Filipino showbiz personalities who suffered from diabetes. Lagmay was a comedian actor who recently died from complications due to diabetes at a young age of 55. He was famous for his roles in Chika Chika Chicks,” “Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata,” “Pilya En Da Pilot,” “Oki Doki Doc,” “Pwedeng-Pwede,” and “Aalog-Alog” and other TV sitcoms. He was another testament that diabetes disease does not discriminate against anyone.

According to reports, Lagmay was diagnosed with diabetes since 2008. Despite his continuous activeness in show business, his ailment worsened as it was left unmanaged and untreated which later led to kidney failure that force him to undergo regular dialysis treatments. The dialysis treatment not only financially drained the actor but also started to depress him. He went blind and loss appetite to eat towards the end.

Sammy Lagmay succumbed to the complications of diabetes which resulted to kidney failure or diabetic nephropathy. This happened because the filters of the kidneys, the glomeruli, was damaged because of high blood sugar (glucose) levels which also increases the chemicals that is filtered by the kidney to the point that the organ is unable to handle. This causes the kidneys to leak high quantities of protein into the urine called albumin, which the first sign of kidney failure. Meanwhile, high sugar levels also cause some proteins to build up resulting to a scarring condition termed as glomerulosclerosis.

When kidneys fail, toxins produced by the body such as creatinine and urea pile in the blood and are distributed throughout the body initially causing nausea, vomiting, or poor appetite. As the situation worsens, it results to heart failure and stroke which is usually causes the death of a person that suffers kidney failure due to diabetes.

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