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Same Test for Pre-Diabetes and Kidney Disease

A test that predicts early kidney failure may also mark pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes occurs when the amount of sugar or glucose in the blood is found to be higher than normal, an indicator that glucose is not being used well by cells.

Scientists at the University of Buffalo in New York City discovered that high levels of cystatin C, which is used to test early kidney disease, can also be associated with a three-fold progression of pre-diabetes. The study was funded by a grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease. Results of the study were reported in the July issue of Diabetes Care.

Professor Richard Donahue, first author of the study, could not be happier, “It’s important to identify people at risk of pre-diabetes very early, because you can prevent this condition from developing by making changes in diet and lifestyle.” He also adds, “If further studies support our findings, testing for cystatin C could become an important part of a standard physical examination. Preventive measures could be in place before glucose intolerance has a chance to develop and take its toll.”

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