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Sambong Kidney Treatment

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Sambong (Blumea balsamifera L. DC) is a traditional herbal plant in the Philippines known for being diuretic and analgesic. Its medicinal benefits had been rigorously studied and had been proven to be genuinely effectively. In fact, Sambong has been approved by the Department of Health in the Philippines as being safe and effective in treating certain disorders.

One of the best benefits of Sambong is for keeping kidney’s healthy. It is effective in dissolving kidney stones (urolithiases), which are a known risk for kidney or renal failure, with its flavonoid elements. Because of this it helps delay or prevent absolute renal failure, a fact that people thought that it helps treat kidneys. Take note that sambong does not help treat kidney failure put protects it from renal failure. It cannot cure kidney failure however.

Aside from its critical contribution in maintaining a healthy kidney by dissolving kidney stones, sambong also helps relieve stomach pain reliever, manage Hypertension and Rheumatism, acts as a diuretic agent, helps fight fever, coughs and cold treatment, removes worms, dysentery and sore throat treatment and it also fights cancer cells specially in liver carcinoma and leukemia.

To prepare Sambong, the roots are boiled just like that of bayabas and used for bathing. The leaves can also be boiled to create a concentrated expectorant. Sambong however is like a drug that can have downing and sometimes hallugenic effects hence caution is given for its excessive and abusive use.

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