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Salted Egg good for Diabetics?

Posted on December 24, 2020 | No Comments on Salted Egg good for Diabetics?

Filipinos love salted egg during meals. If you combine salted egg with tomato, tuyo and fried rice, it’s the perfect breakfast meal. Unfortunately, salted egg is not good for people with diabetes. In fact, it is advisable to avoid adding salt or reduce the use of salt in preparing meals for diabetes.

Among the nutrients that must be modified in a diabetic and renal diet included sodium and potassium as well as fluid intake. Salt is made of two compounds namely, sodium chloride. Salt is bad for diabetics in two ways. It increases appetite for food and thirst, which in turn drives a person to eat more. Secondly, salt promotes fluid retention in the body. In lieu of which, one way to limit salt in the body is by avoiding salty food such as salted egg.

Salted egg however is only bad for diabetes if taken in excess. Diabetic can eat salted egg by mixing it with the vegetable paco fern, which is normally eaten raw. The addition of salted egg is usually done in eating of paco. In which case, eating salted egg is acceptable.

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