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Rush Hour Meals

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In today’s fast-paced world, we usually try to think of meals that can be whipped up in a jiffy. And more often than not, these can also mean dishes that have higher fat content or are laden with cholesterol, in pursuit of tastier meals. However, cooking can always be done faster, if one is armed with some handy tips that can help diabetics and non-diabetics alike enjoy great-tasting and healthy dishes in half the time.


  1. Secret’s in the Sauce: Always prepare some extra sauces in your free time. It is easier to prepare big batches of pesto or tomato sauce that can easily be stored in the refrigerator. In emergency meal situations, just bring it out for great pasta meals, sandwich spreads or dips for chicken and fish.
  2. All Stocked Up: In the same vein as making extra sauce, stocks are handy meal enhancers, that can be used for instant soup and in our recipe for this issue, a savory Brown Rice Risotto.
  3. Salad Time: Salads are one of the easiest meals to prepare, especially with the advent of bagged lettuce leaves which save up time on washing and picking leaves. Add more fillers such as fruits, chicken slices, fish fillets – all of which can be prepared in no time.
  4. To make cooking meat items easier, buy prepacked meat cuts. Buy boneless chicken cuts if possible, to make the stewing time shorter.
  5. Try to prepare things in advance such as cooked rice and pre-cut ingredients so that actual cooking is much faster, with all the ingredients prepared ahead of time.

Enjoy preparing your short-cut meals in half the time…

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