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Rice Substitutes for Diabetics

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For diabetics, rice should be limited because it is a source of carbohydrates which is broken down into sugar that can spike up one’s sugar level. The limitation to eat rice is required precisely because of the need to trim down saturated fats. Diabetic patients therefore can actually eat rice but should be limited in serving size.

For fibrous rice that can allow a diabetic patient to eat more rice, one can opt to eat brown rice. Brown rice is even healthier and has more nutrients. However, there are other rice substitutes that a diabetic can eat although they should equally be restricted because they are essentially full of carbohydrates. One obvious rice substitute is bread. Some people prefer crackers such Skyflakes. Another substitute to rice is potato. In the Philippines especially in areas where typhoons are more common, corn is used as rice substitute. However, in the high lands, sweet potato or camote is used as rice substitute. Again, take note that these rice substitutes should still be restricted or eaten in small quantities just like standard white rice.

A rice substitute introduce by Italians is the pasta. If possible check for more nutritious pasta like the malunggay pasta. Meanwhile, the Chinese introduce the noodles or pancit as rice alternative. Other rice substitutes included quinoa, oats, couscous, and orzo. Beans and peanuts can also be a substitute which contain fiber and can even help to lower blood sugars. Finally, a diabetic patient can opt to do away with rice and eat roasted vegetables including tomatoes, carrots, acorn squash, zucchini, or asparagus, which is high in fiber.

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