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Renal Diet for Diabetics

Posted on September 24, 2020 | No Comments on Renal Diet for Diabetics

One of the deadliest and most common complications of diabetes is diabetic nephropathy which pertains to the dysfunction of the kidney due to the stress caused by diabetes. This would later evolve to renal failure where the patient would need to under regular dialysis in order to cleanse the blood from impurities and toxins. Because of this, a diet that is especially helpful for the kidney is important for diabetic patients.

As a diabetic, one should strictly follow the nutritional dietary recommendations to prevent succumbing to the disease. After all, the recommendations would basically require one to have a healthy lifestyle. Among other things, one should avoid sugary and salty foods. This would also mean refraining from using condiments or seasoning (patis, toyo) that spice up eating. One should also avoid food that are high in protein like processed cheese and salted, canned, and cured meats as well as milk, yogurt, and ice cream.

Because the kidney cleans all chemicals, one should also avoid food high in potassium such as avocado, banana, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, kiwi, nectarines, oranges, and papaya among others. Since the kidney processes all foods, the patient should regulate intake of all food including vegetables and fruits. One should also avoid starchy food such as baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, and baked beans. Finally, one should also avoid beverages.

Since the kidney is the body cleanser of the blood, everything that we consume would have an effect on the kidneys. Therefore, what is important primarily is to regulate and closely monitor all the food and liquids that we consume. A renal diet for a diabetic is essentially a food plan that would prevent excessive consumption of any type of food. This is the time when the saying “Everything in excess” is opposed to nature. When you are diabetic, too much of anything could destroy your kidney.

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