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Recipes for Denture Wearers

Posted on August 21, 2020 | No Comments on Recipes for Denture Wearers

Eating becomes problematic for denture wearers because there is always some concern that their false teeth will fall, crack or loosen, making it hard for them to bite and grind their food. Thus, many denture wearers feel like their happy days of eating comes to an end when they start wearing dentures. However, this is wrong as there are a wide variety of food menus or recipes that can definitely bring back the joy of eating for denture wearers.

There are actually no restrictions of what food to eat for denture wearers. However, it generally recommended that they eat soft foods especially in the first few days when they are just adjusting to their new dentures. The magic word here is “soft”. A denture wearer can practically eat anything except that they have to make their food soft for easy grinding. This is especially true for red meat recipes. All types of red meat recipes can be eaten. Just make sure that the meat is extra soft by boiling it longer or by using a pressure cooker. One way to make the meat more tender is by pounding it with a tenderizer so that it is easier to chew. This can be done for grilling meat or barbecue. Finally, another obvious technique for cooks to make recipes more apt for denture wearers is to cut the meat into smaller pieces so that it saves people (particularly the denture wearers) the burden of biting and tearing down the meat, which is usually the cause for losing one’s false teeth. Using the aforementioned techniques, practically all food that a denture wearer wants to eat can be enjoyed, from one’s ordinary adobo and sinigang to steaks and grilled meat.

Incidentally, since a denture wearer can eat meat, one can also consume practically all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Again the trick is here is cut the fruits or vegetables in bite size pieces. Apparently, if the food is not cut into smaller pieces, it should be the responsible of the denture wearer to cut the food into pieces to make it easier for them to swallow and chew the food. While a denture wearer can practically all typical food recipes, there are some food that they should avoid too such as chewing gum/ bubble gum as well as sticky candies that sticks to the teeth.

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