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Queso de Bola Health Benefits

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Edam cheese or more commonly known as Queso de Bola in the Philippines is a semi-hard cheese that is round in shape and has a yellow interior covered with a coat of red paraffin wax. These qualities help the cheese to age and preserve well. In fact, it extends spoilage period of the cheese which normally hardens in time but its flavor also sharpens. Apart from its taste, these characteristics make the Queso de bola very popular around the world.

In the Philippines, Edam or queso de bola has traditionally become part of the people’s noche Buena feast every Christmas along with the ham. The Queso de bola has become a symbol of family bonding during Christmas season and is commonly served with jamon or ham and bread.

As a cheese, the queso de bola partakes of the nutritional benefits of cheese. An ounce of serving provides around 25 percent of the daily calcium needs of a person. It is also high in protein as well as phosphorous, vitamin A, B12 and riboflavin. As a milk product, some people who are lactose intolerant are afraid to eat cheese which normally results to loose bowel movements. However, most of the lactose of the queso de bola had already been removed during its manufacturing process.

While the cheese has high nutritional value, it is a calorie dense food. Eating queso de bola can contribute to high cholesterol. However, it must be noted that among other types of cheese, queso de bola distincts itself to have lower fat content approximately 28%, which makes it suitable for people who are figure conscious. However because it is firmer or harder than other cheese, it is not suitable for toasting as it hardly melts. In lieu of these things, it is still advisable to supplement the cheese with leafy green vegetables, fruits and other fibrous food in order to have a balance meal.

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