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Protein as a Cure for Diabetes, Obesity

A team of researchers from Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) discovered that a certain protein could trigger weight loss and be a possible instrument for diabetes treatment. In a comprehensive report, Drs. Ming-Jer and Sophia Tsai, professors of molecular and cellular biology at BCM, observed that if mice have only one gene copy for the COUP-TFII (Chicken Ovalbumin Upstream Promoter Transcription Factor II), the animals develop smaller fat cells and increased energy metabolism as well as enhanced response to insulin.

“If a mouse loses one copy of the gene, the animal becomes lean,” the research stated. “It is more sensitive to the effects of insulin and resistant to obesity from a high fat diet. “This study suggests the possibility that COUP-TFII could be a potential drug target for diabetes and obesity treatment.

“We don’t need to inhibit it totally,” she said. “Partial inhibition will do the trick as when you lose one copy of the gene, your fat cells are already much smaller and the animal is lean.”

The researchers added that the animals not only have less fat but they also have more muscle and burn more energy.

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