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Pregabalin Eases Pain from Diabetic Neuropathy

A review of previous studies showed that pregabalin (Lyrica), a drug used for epileptic attacks, could safely and effectively relieve pain from diabetic neuropathy.

The analysis of seven studies on pregabalin, with dosages of 150, 300, and 600 mg and study durations from five to 13 weeks, showed that “pregabalin significantly reduced pain and pain-related sleep interference,” said researchers from the Harvard Medical School in Boston. All three dosages were divided into three pills taken throughout the day. However, the researchers note that only the highest dose was effective when divided into two pills.

Results showed that the 150 and 300 mg doses took five days and 13 days respectively before a sustained pain reduction. On the other hand, the 600 mg typically took four days to take effect; unfortunately, it was also the one most likely to cause side effects—dizziness, sleepiness, and swelling in the arms and legs.

Weight gain, which was experienced by some of the patients, was also directly associated with the dose of pregabalin and duration of the treatment. However, this unexplained weight gain did not affect the patients’ ability to control their blood sugar levels, according to researchers.

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