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Precautions in Weightlifting

If you decide to have a go and lift weights without minding the precautions, you may consider yourself defenseless in a world of lurking dangers. Simply put, if you don’t give a hoot about basic weightlifting safety, you’re as vulnerable as a turtle without a shell.

It is important to exercise with care to prevent complications and to eliminate any possibility of being injured. Slimmers World offers safety precautions for weightlifting to help you get thatfabulous body without sprained or broken body parts.

  1. See a doctor – Consult a medical expert and get your body a thorough check-up. It is important to know your present physical condition and your health history to know what weightlifting program will be safe and effective for you.
  2. Don’t dress to impress – You must wear clothes for the purpose of lifting weights, not for sashaying on the catwalk or for lounging in your bedroom. Absolutely no high heels and slippers. Definitely no tight-fitting clothes that make you gasp for air. Wear clothes that are loose and light enough to let you move comfortably. Also, gloves should be worn if you’ve got a problem with sweaty hands.
  3. Prep up your muscles – Be sure to start with warm ups and stretching before lifting ;7- weights to increase blood flow and to get your body ready for the hard action.
  4. Mind the know-how’s – Never use any weightlifting equipment if you don’t know how it works or how to use it. Never use any equipment for purposes not meant for it. Familiarize yourself with the proper lifting form, handling positions, functions of the equipment, etc. to avoid accidents and to work your muscle effectively. Remember that ignorance can be fatal.
  5. Stop assuming too much – Your enthusiasm in lifting weights is NEVER parallel to the ability of your body to go beyond its limits or to withstand too much stress. You’re not Superman or Wonder Woman, so don’t push it. Don’t lift weights that are too heavy for you. Don’t exercise without stopping. Never lift weights without focus. Do weightlifting with sense and moderation.
  6. Be spotted – In weightlifting, there are times when it is better if you don’t do it on your own. Eventually, you’ll need a spotter who will not only assist you in lifting weights, but also give you encouragement, teach you how to lift weights properly, and give you feedback about your performances.
  7. Remember to breathe – Proper breathing is important to avoid asphyxiation and losing control of the weight lifting. Never hold your breath while lifting weights because in doing so, you deprive your brain of oxygen which may cause you to pass out.

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