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Pre-pregnancy Care for Diabetic Moms

Pregnant diabetics can conceive healthy babies free from complications if they learn how to closely monitor and control blood sugar levels before and during the crucial first few months of pregnancy.

Blood sugar control is significant for all diabetics, especially during pregnancy as it can largely affect the condition of the newborn, according to medical experts.

A recent clinical study traced congenital defects and still births to insufficient pre-pregnancy care among mothers with type 1 diabetes. In order to prove the link between pre-pregnancy care and healthy babies, the researchers conducted a study involving 290 pregnant type 1 diabetics. Of the total number, 110 were subjected to thorough care even before pregnancy.

The study revealed that the 110 women had an easier time controlling their blood sugars. But this only holds true for the earlier part of the pregnancy period. However, not all 110 women delivered healthy babies since 2.9 percent experienced stillbirths and had offspring with birth defects and five percent had premature infants.

These figures are lower compared to the other group of women. A little more than ten percent of women who didn’t get care before pregnancy had infants with deformities, while 14.2 percent delivered premature babies.

The researchers said that some risks, such as conceiving bigger infants, are prevalent among pregnant diabetics regardless of pre-pregnancy care.

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