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Ponkan Health Benefits for Diabetics

Diet is vital in managing the health of a diabetic patient. The recommended diet would often refer to a low-fat, high-fiber diet which essentially involved fresh fruits and vegetables. Based on this general diet recommendation, the eating of Ponkan is definitely advised to diabetic patients.

Ponkan is a kind of citrus fruit that is similar to orange. It originated from Fujian, China which accounts for its Chinese name. Like most other citrus fruits, ponkan fruits are low in glycemic-index, which means that it does not quickly trigger the production of sugar. It is also rich in vitamin C, which according to some experts are helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. Meanwhile as a fiber rich fruit, ponkan, is an ideal snack for reducing weight. Similar to other citrus fruits, ponkan is a great source of many essential nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin B folate which is incidentally important for cell production and growth.

As a fruit, Ponkan is good for diabetics because it is rich in fiber, has low glycemic index and full of vitamins and other minerals. As a rule, any fruit is good for diabetics hence, are often included as part of their healthy diet plan. Fruits are also an important alternative for snacks. Instead of munching junk food or sipping sodas, diabetics should instead eat fruits such as ponkan or drink fruit juices also from ponkan. It must be noted though that instant powdered juices with fruit flavors are not encouraged. Diabetics should eat natural fruit to enjoy its nutritious benefits.

Ponkan like other citrus fruits like oranges and pomelo is encouraged to be included in the diet meal plan of diabetics. The eating of fruits and ponkan as an alternative snack is also encouraged. Similarly however, eating too much of everything is dangerous especially for diabetics, who should eat anything including fruits in moderation.

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