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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS for short an imbalance in female hormones which can result to irregular menstruation periods as well as difficulty in getting pregnant. It can also cause unwanted changes in your physical look. If left treated, it can lead to serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease. PCOS is common problem affecting among women and often appears during adolescence. The cause of the imbalance of hormones remains unknown. However, hormonal imbalance can trigger the imbalance of other hormones. For instance, when a woman’s sex hormones slightly increase more male hormones or androgens, this can result to the person having more facial hair or even stop one from ovulating.

The symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome starts simple such as acne, weight gain, extra hair on the face and body, hair thinning, fertility problems and even depression. Some women have small cysts on their ovaries. While no cause is directly attributable to PCOS, the risk of getting this disease increases due to genes or it may be hereditary.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS is diagnosed primarily by checking hormone levels such as insulin and thyroid and other hormones. This is because an imbalance in one hormone triggers and imbalance in others. The doctor will also ask symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles as well as a physical exam for extra body hair, body mass index (BMI), height and weight as well as blood pressure.

The only treatment to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is basically to have a healthy lifestyle which included engaging in regular exercise, having healthy balance diet, avoiding vices such as smoking and drinking among others. The doctor can also opt to prescribe medicines that help address the symptoms but not the hormonal imbalance. For instance, the doctor will give you metformin for attaining regular menstrual cycles and fertility and over the counter skin ointments for treating acne or asking you to undergo waxing, tweezing, or shaving to get rid of excessive hair.

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